Biometric Solution for Construction Industry

Integrated Turnkey Solution

Construction Biometric Solution for Attendance and Access Control

Robust & Rugged

Our solution is rugged, robust, durable and reliable. Build for construction environment.


Our turnkey cabin solution allows the system to be relocated as construction entry points may change with the progress of the site development.

Proven to Work

Our technical team have researched and tested more than 15 products. Our solution integrates the best-of-breed facial recognition and fingerprint sensor technology that is proven to work in the construction site conditions.

Centralized System for Attendance and Access Control

Our solution is designed to cater for multi-site and multi-entry points environment. Allowing your systems to be interconnected and centralized. You able to manage and monitor the systems remotely from site office or HQ.

Construction optimized system and reporting

Our system and reporting are optimized for construction industry.

Customizable end-to-end solution

Our solution can be tailored to your requirement. Full/Half size turnstiles? Cutting edge facial recognition technology? Customized reporting? Construction site do not have any existing network connectivity?
No worries, we got you covered.

Cabin Solution

Our cabin solution is a complete package which can be customized according to your requirement. Our basic cabin comes with half height turnstiles and can be upgraded to full height turnstiles if needed. With this solution, you can relocate the cabin according to changes of entry point across the progress of the site development.

Tracking worker attendance

We support multi-team, multi-subcon, multi-company tracking of worker attendance. Customize reports and timesheet can be generated for your payroll purposes.

construction biometric

Multi-biometric identification

Our solutions offers multi biometric identification, including face recognition and fingerprint detection. Reliable and fast face scanning and outstanding detection for dry, wet or rough fingers.

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